Enric Granzotto Llagostera

Hi! I’m a game maker and researcher from Brazil, doing a PhD at Concordia University. I work with alternative controllers, play and politics, and studying game design / making as a critical practice.

Latest projects


An alternative controller game about finding your way home while avoiding paths previously taken. Created with the Tinycade DIY system.

Presented at the Tinycade booth at the alt.ctrl.GDC 2022.

Cook Your Way

A game about how immigration systems and capitalist discourses of multiculturalism combine to oppress migrants.

Winner of the Explorer award at the AMAZE. Berlin festival 2020.


An open and community-focused list of resources for creating alternative controllers, playful installations and physical-digital hybrids.


A series of free do-it-yourself game controllers. No gatekeeping, patents or corporations, just cardboard contraptions.


A soft alternative controller game about care. Players grow a garden within a well by connecting roots in the dark. Collaboration with Rebecca Goodine.


A contemplative world-building game. Take your time and tweak this or that little world.

Latest research

  • Program Committee at ICEC-JCSG 2019
    I was part of the Program Committee, reviewing papers on serious games and simulations, for the joint International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC-2019) and Conference on Serious Games (JCSG-2019) conferences, hosted in Arequipa, Peru.
  • Demo and Doctoral Consortium at DIS 2019
    I presented my game Cook Your Way as a demonstration and also participated in the doctoral consortium at the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2019 in San Diego, USA.
  • On Crumbling Platforms at CGSA 2019
    I presented a talk on game making tools as sharing practices as part of the Sharing Games: Proliferation, Posterity, Practice panel of the CGSA 2019 conference.
  • Cook Your Way
    A game about how immigration systems and capitalist discourses of multiculturalism combine to oppress migrants.

Latest work

  • Instructor at Concordia University
    In 2018, 2019 and 2020, I have taught the Introduction to Game Design course at the Computation and Arts undergraduate program at Concordia University, Montreál.
  • Game programmer at The Phenomena
    From March to July 2019, I worked developing the Unity SDK for the VPX hardware project at The Phenomena.
  • Student organizer at DesignJam: Accessible Gamepad Jam
    I was part of the student team organizing an accessible gamepad jam, as part of the accessXchange forum on advancing inclusive, accessible approaches to design and learning.
  • Mentor at Critical Hit Parallax 2018
    In July / August 2018, I was one of the mentors at the Critical Hit Parallax summer program at Concordia University, in partnership with Indienova. I taught about game making tools, game design and helped to support students in their game jam projects.