Lecturer @ Puc-Campinas - position

Game dev students in Campinas

In the first semester of 2014, I started teaching classes about game development at the PUC-Campinas university in Campinas, São Paulo. I started with game engine related classes and later assumed courses in project development, game design and game analysis. I also teach free courses there about digital toys and game development. I strive to bring new repertoires and references, as well as providing open and accessible materials for the students.


Course coordinator @ PUC-Campinas - position

Starting on January 2015, I became the course coordinator for the Digital Games course at the PUC-Campinas university. My responsibilities involve both pedagogical coordination between professors, as well as the organization of events and meetings and helping the administration of teaching staff in general. I was also responsible for proposing new educational activities (such as specific projects for students) and representing the course in different external events.


De volta para o futuro - workshop

oficina tabuleiro

This workshop, which I ran in both 2013 and 2016 at Sesc Consolação, São Paulo, is focused on introducing new publics to the creation of board games. During weekly meetings in October, the participants played existing games, discussed their design and experiences, and developed their own original games.


Different Games 2016 - Talk

In April, I presented a talk titled A critical analysis of the Brazilian independent games scene about how the independent games scene is configured in Brazil at the Different Games 2016 at the NYU Magnet. It was a great opportunity to play interesting games and get to know other researchers and game makers in an event focused on diversity and raising important questions about the medium.



indie/camp - events


Starting in 2015, indie/camp is a monthly meetup of indie game creators, students and people interested in games in the region of Campinas, São Paulo. It happens at Sesc Campinas and it hosts a series of talks and workshops. I co-organized the event for its first set of months together with Anita Cavaleiro, who is its current organizer. I also hosted the talk about alternative controllers (gif above) in December's edition. The online community of the event can be found here.


Balance the Beam - game jam

Balance the beam

This alternative controller game was made for the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2015. I designed and programmed the game, using an Android controller attached to a broomstick as its controller, connected to a PC running the game logic. Players have to use the broomstick to keep an interstellar portal open and save the spaceships. My goal was to explore existing devices, subverting everyday objects and use them to invite players. You can download it here.


Coralina - game jam


This is a small digital toy about growing a coral garden. I made it for Ludum Dare 34 game jam in under 4 hours, both programming, design and art. The music is from Blue Dot Sessions and a Nifflas free pack. You can play it here.


Tokaido - game jam


A game about walking the legendary Tōkaidō road, enjoying the scenery and trying to heal other characters' emotional issues. Each one has different needs you can talk and try to satisfy. I programmed and designed the game, together with André Asai, Eduardo Emmerich and Gabriel Naro, for the SPJam 2015 game jam. You can download it and play here (Portuguese only).


Corpos em Jogo - Workshop

Corpos em jogo

In January 2015, me and Carolina Chmielewski organized a three-day free workshop about embodiment and play in Sesc Campinas. It was focused on both online and offline games, as we mixed experimental toy prototypes using smartphone sensors as controllers with traditional folk games and play. We also presented a selection of existing physical digital games, like JS Joust, Bounden and B.U.T.T.O.N..



Lecturer @ FIAP - position

Students with their game in the educational arcade

During 2014, I taught game programming classes at the game development PRONATEC technical course at FIAP, in São Paulo, Brazil. During the trade-school-like one year course, students were focused on becoming junior game programmers. Many students were from low-income areas and were highly motivated. They made the best out of our pedagogical work, embracing initiatives like the educational arcade we built for their games.



Bonsai Worlds - game

Bonsai Worlds

In 2013, I launched this solo project on itch.io, Kongregate and Game Jolt. The game is focused on the creation of small worlds, where players can terraform and watch civilizations grow and decay. It's a mix between a digital toy and a game, meant to foster experimentation and relaxation. I created the game's art, design and programming. You can find more info and download the game here.


Brincar de fazer games - workshop

Brincar de fazer games

This free workshop at Sesc Campinas was focused on providing a stimulating environment and help for children and youth to learn how to playfully create digital games. Concepts of game programming were introduced and practiced using accessible tools like Scratch.


SPIN - events


In June 2013, I co-organized, together with André Asai, Amora Bettany and Pedro "Santo" Medeiros, the first editions of the SPIN, a free monthly meetup of independent game developers in São Paulo. The event gained momentum later and is now run by larger game developer organizations. It started as an informal meetup between makers who were eager to know their peers. More info about that period of the event can be found here.


Game designer @ Virgo Games Studio - position

Virgo Games

In January 2013, I was hired by Virgo Games Studio in São Paulo, as a serious games designer and developer. My role during my year at the company was to create prototypes, prepare game design proposals and documents, as well as writing educational materials. We developed educational and social impact game projects for large clients such as Volkswagen and Rede Globo.



Criticality in game design practice - MSc Thesis

Msc thesis

As a result of my research during my MSc in Games at the IT University of Copenhagen, I wrote this thesis discussing criticality as a productive stance for game creators, drawing from different fields such as popular education and social movements in Latin America and views of criticality in design, game design and play. The thesis can be downloaded here.


On Gamification and persuasion - paper

This papers discusses the relationship between gamification and persuasion, presenting critical perspectives based on rhetorical analysis and persuasive technology concepts. It also presents the definitional debate around gamification as an important arena for discourse analysis and its political implications. This paper was presented at the SBGames 2012, the Brazilian Symposium of Games and Digital Entertainment, and it can be downloaded here.



Being Homeless - game


The goal of this game was to raise awareness about the conditions and life stories of the people living in the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark. This game prototype was made for my MSc persuasive and serious games class, and it used a smartphone and location technology to lead players to places where the homeless people lived and get to know more about their everyday life. It was made together with Louise Matjeka, and I was responsible for programming and game design.


A Duel in Limbo - game

A duel in limbo

This local multiplayer game had two players playing asymmetrically: one controlling physical tokens and the other a virtual character. They had to compete and take turns creating a range of virtual obstacles via the physical tokens and escaping that fractured landscape. This game prototype was made for my MSc experimental game design class, and it used computer vision libraries to enable the interaction with the tokens. I made the programming, design and art.



The Wise Head Says - game

Wise head

This game is a local multiplayer game in which players compete to reach the top. However, their only way to go up is by using jetpacks fired by their singing. I made this game as an experiment about shared microphone input and competitive play during my MSc game design class.



Analysis of the representation of power in PeaceMaker - paper

The paper discusses how the serious game PeaceMaker articulates specific rhetorics when aiming to create critical reflection in players about the Israel-Palestine conflict. It discusses game design and procedural rhetorics connecting them with Foucault's ideas of power. This paper was presented at the SBGames 2009, the Brazilian Symposium of Games and Digital Entertainment, and it can be downloaded here (Portuguese only).



The Argentinian - short film

O Argentino

This short film tells the story of an exiled Uruguayan living in Brazil since the days of the military regime. He tries to gather enough courage to go back to his home country, but finds it difficult to tackle his past. The film won the Best Regional Short Film, the Best Short Film Director and the Audience's Best Regional Short Film awards at the Paulínia Cinema Festival 2011, in Brazil. I wrote its screenplay.